Monday, September 3, 2007

New Tees!!

After Show - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

The new shirts that came out this week are not that bad. Here are my reviews on the new shirts as the reprints are getting hard to keep track of with the new layout. Here they are:

Now I Know My ABCs
This one is really large on the shirt which I think is okay, and the more I look at the design, the more it grows on me. Still not compelling enough for me to want it though, even with the sale.

After Show
I think this design is just awesome! The concept of cleaning up music notes after a show is just so ace! I really like this design and even am considering buying it, but I do have too many brown shirts.

Luckiest T-Shirt Ever
I had a design similar to this (although it was about superstitions) but this one is pretty well done. I like the style, but it doesn't attract me that much for me to want it on me. Nicely done and great concept though.

A Collection of Flies
This one is drawn well, but I kinda don't like shirts like this where there are just a bunch of things spaced apart like this. I get the concept, but these kinds of shirts are kinda getting old.

We're Not Savages
This shirt is beautifully designed. I knew it would be printed when I saw it, but I'm not about to buy it. I just appreciate the design aspect in this design. Very nice and I'm sure this one will be well received by the public.

Roadside Picnic
This design is just beautiful. It also has a powerful message which I think is something great if pulled off correctly, which this one is. It is such a great design. I love the detail in the leaves and stuff too.

Ascending Descent
Face it, this was going to win no matter what. This is some of the cleanest vectoring I've ever seen! I wish I was that good, but I think I'm just lazy. I really love how crisp this design is and eye appealing. Great use of textures too!

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