Monday, August 6, 2007

Today's Shirts

Bad Reception - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

This week is my first week of review. I think that the shirts printed for this week are pretty well done. I especially like Bad Reception because of the awesome illustration. Here is the low-down:

X-Ray Goggles Work
Very creative idea on this shirt. I didn't have a chance to score this one before because of my recent break from threadless, but I think it is a great addition to the threadless collection.

The Young Explorers Society
I love the feel of this design. It is really well done and a well deserved print. The shading technique is great as well.

Bad Reception
As I stated earlier, this is my favorite of the week. I like how the cloud in the background looks, especially on the shirt. Plus the illustration is incredible!

There's No Crying in Breakfast
Now this one, I do not like. We've seen enough food-with-faces on this site, granted this one is illustrated pretty well. But I don't understand how the thought of dead milk interests so many people. I congratulate the designer, but I think there are many other designs out there that have been overlooked.

The Swirl of the World
This shirt features one of the most incredible use of linework that I have seen on this site. I really am glad that this was printed and would like to see more of this.

Never Take Your Abilities for Granted
Now this one, I just don't get. Why? I just don't see what appeal this has to put on a shirt. I don't want to question threadless' decision making, but I think that this didn't require that much work to do. It does work well as a kids shirt though, I have to say.

Still Life With a Van
Now I love this one a lot. The buildings are drawn very nicely and for some reason, I just love the random van in the design. A+ in my book.

Now for the reprints.
Mourning Girl is a classic and I believe that it is great that threadless reprinted something from back in the day to show the new members what they missed out on. But I believe that We're Toast should not have been reprinted. It probably was one of the very first fwf designs, but I think something else should have been reprinted just because on the fact that the crying cereal bowl was also printed today.

Anyways, there's my take on the week's prints. Hopefully there's a sale coming up soon that I can buy a new wardrobe for the upcoming semester.


MJ said...

Gah, I can't stand Morning Girl! It's old, but I'm not sure that makes it a classic ;) Out of curiosity, what about it do you like?

lsmc88 said...

I think that the design is a classic because it shows what was acceptable back then. I like it because it was pretty well designed even though splatters are now old and tacky. I think it still deserves some notice.

lsmc88 said...

hey mj, can I put your blog in my Links section?

MJ said...

Yeah, totally :)